Iceland Pelagic sells products from many of the largest seafood producers in Iceland, all of them enthusiastic producers to bring quality seafood to people all over the world under well know quality brands.



Blumaris is a line of packaged seafood from Skinney-Thinganes ehf. The brand recognised and highly-rated by discerning customers throughout the world. Blumaris places particular emphasis on the quality and freshness of its products. These are ensured by standard operating procedures, together with the substantial experience of its workforce, who are specially trained in food processing. 

Blumaris bacalao is famous for its thickness and large size. The company has salted cod for decades, its system of catching and splitting the fish the same day being the key to its success in this field.


Isfelag Vestmannaeyja

Ísfélag-RGB-án 1901

Isfelag Vestmannaeyja produces seafood under its own name brand. Isfelag emphasises producing only quality products and utilizing raw materials as well as possible. Its top priority is taking good care of marine resources.