The Value Chain

The seafood products from Iceland  are an interesting mixture of both traditional and modern seafood cuisine found all around the world. Icelandic Pelagic offers various products from many of the sustainable fish stocks around Iceland, whether more traditional seafood, such as salted products for markets that value them highly in everyday life, or more recently developed products, which provide the freshness that consumers desire as part of a healthy and tasty diet. All of our products are produced in compliance with the highest quality standards in the seafood industry. Careful control of the entire process, from catching to marketing, thus enables us to respond more quickly to market conditions and customers’ needs in providing premium quality products.

The People

Iceland Pelagic is part of the heritage of Iceland’s fisheries. The people of Iceland rely heavily on its strong and diverse fishing industry. Everyday life in coastal villages is centered first and foremost on fish.

The Fishing

Heimaey VE

Our fishing fleet consists of well-equipped and reliable state-of-the-art vessels, including top-of-the-line purse seiners, longliners, trawlers and gillnetters. The centuries-old maritime heritage of our fishermen, together with the most up-to-date technology and equipment in our vessels, make sure that processors are speedily and efficiently supplied with the finest of natural, raw material. 

The Processing

The quality of a seafood product is first and foremost determined by the way the fish is handled immediately after it is caught and landed. The fishing fleet is co-ordinated with the production throughput of the land based plants, where the experience and knowledge of the workforce ashore, acquired over several decades, ensure the quality of the final product. This quality is not only determined by the processors incorporating the specifications of customers, but is also based on a strict adherence to requirements relating to raw material quality, safety, and hygiene. All the processing plants have modern equipment, which is constantly kept up-to-date with all technological innovations. Moreover, scientific research clearly reveals that the Icelandic fishing grounds are virtually pollution-free and that Icelandic seafood is wholesome and nutritious.

The Distribution

Iceland Pelagic transports products from Iceland by reefer cargo ships throughout the year direct to ports in Europe, as well as to intermediate cold stores in Holland, Poland and Lithuania, from where products can be shipped onwards to customers throughout the world. Our sales team has vast experience in logistics and works closely with all major shipping companies in Iceland and Europe. We are thus able to respond very quickly to all our customers requests.

The Market

Iceland Pelagic is already well established in key markets throughout the world and sells both pelagic and groundfish products of the largest and most experienced fishing companies in Iceland. We work closely with our customers to understand and meet their needs and to respond quickly to their requests. A good logistics system and careful handling secures the swift, efficient and reliable delivery of our goods.