Iceland offers unspoilt nature and unpolluted products from both land and sea. 
The whole of the seafood industry in Iceland is based on the sustainable harvesting of these wild and natural stocks. The rich Icelandic fishing grounds provide the principal mainstay of the country‘s economy. The Icelandic fishing industry is built upon a long tradition of catching and processing fish, and this is woven into the history, culture and economy of the country.

Effective management is therefore essential if marine resources are to be utilized in a sustainable and responsible manner. The Icelandic fisheries have been governed by special rules and regulations with sustainability and economy as their guiding lights. The total catch of each stock is based on the advice of the foremost fisheries scientists in the world. A combination of the strict control of the fisheries, the utilisation of modern technology and decades of knowledge and experience, has thus led to the successful  and sustainable development and harvesting of most of the fish stocks around Iceland. Indeed, the state of all of Iceland’s main fish stocks is currently good.

Further information on the management of Icelandic fisheries can be found here.

Iceland Responsible Fisheries