Proud History

Iceland Pelagic Ltd.Iceland Pelagic Ltd. is part of a group of vertically integrated companies involved in fishing, processing and selling fish and seafood. Our product portfolio consists of pelagic fish species such as herring, capelin, blue whiting and mackerel as well as groundfish like cod, silver smelt, saithe, redfish, Greenland halibut, shellfish and other species, all being caught around the shores of Iceland and in the North Atlantic.


Iceland Pelagic Ltd is owned by two key players in the Icelandic seafood industry, both who have been the main driving force in their local communities for decades.

Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja


 Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja was established in 1901 and is today one of the largest seafood companies in Iceland, focusing on pelagic species. The company has four processing units on shore: a fish meal factory and a freezing plant in the Westman Isles, southwest Iceland, and a fish meal factory  and a freezing plant at Thórshöfn in northeast Iceland.

Further information on Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja can be found here.




Skinney-Thinganes operates a flourishing  fishing industry in Höfn in Hornafjörður, southeast Iceland, including saltfish processing, a freezing plant, and a fish meal factory.

Further information on Skinney-Thinganes can be found here.


Iceland Pelagic Ltd also cooperates in sales and logistics of frozen fish and seafood from a number of producers in Iceland and Greenland.