Scampi (Nephrops norvegicus)

The “Delicacy of the North,” scampi, is one of our prime products, loved for its sweet taste and large size. Our fleet is controlled by the production throughput, which ensures freshness and quality of the final product. Around Iceland the scampi is found in the warmer waters off the southern, southeastern and southwestern coasts. Scampi is small compared to lobster and is in fact not considered a lobster by everyone, as some of the English names imply. The scampi in Icelandic waters is nevertheless large, compared to the same species in European waters. Fully grown males in Icelandic waters are from 20 to 25 cm from the eyes to the tail. The females are smaller or rarely more than 18 cm. We offer scampi from the Blumaris brand, which is located in Höfn, the “scampi capital” of Iceland. The people of Höfn have a long and proud history of harvesting and processing the gourmet crustacean.

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